This week I received the dreaded official text message from SA Health, that read, “You completed a COVID-19 test within South Australia. The result of this test is positive. This means that you have COVID-19”! 

I think the fact that I’d had multiple COVID tests that have come up negative, and that it took 27 months for Coronavirus to make its way from Wuhan to Wynn Vale, I’d started to lull myself into a false sense of security that maybe it wouldn’t get me! 

Of course, positive COVID tests are as common as muck these days, but when it happened, I was surprised at feeling a twinge of stigma. One can harbour a secret sense of pride while we can still say, “I haven’t caught it yet”, and perhaps some delusion that, “my iron constitution will fend it off”!…. But,… alas!

I’m in the very fortunate situation of being fully vaccinated, and so trust that my mild symptoms will be the worst of it. Millions during the pandemic have not been as fortunate. We continue to pray and strive for this disease to be overcome and eradicated.

My succumbing makes me reflect on my vulnerability (we are all susceptible, to this, and limitless maladies), on my unfounded good fortune (at living in Australia, and being so well protected before contracting COVID), and on the God of all grace (upon whom I am limitlessly dependent, and to whom I am limitlessly thankful).

Grace and cheers, Jonathan.