A couple of weeks ago we did a bit of a tour of the Murray River in flood. It was amazing to see it up close and personal, but we couldn’t really get a sense of how much water was flowing through and affecting the whole river system. The same week a friend flew over it and got a view from 30,000 feet! We had a glimpse of the river in flood, my friend got a vision of the entire river system.

The Bible says that “without a vision the people perish” (Prov 29:18). The opposite is also true – i.e., with a vision the people flourish! True vision is of what God is doing through Jesus Christ to save and gather His children out of all the nations of the earth, and to renew the whole creation (Gen 12:1-3; Rev 21:1-4; 22-27); and that He’s doing it in Golden Grove!

Those who have this vision are “….like trees planted by streams of water, which yield their fruit in due season, and their leaves do not wither,….” (Ps 1:3) For all the damage of the Murray flood, when the water recedes it will bring untold renewal to the floodplains and the river for years and years to come. But Ezekiel envisages the river of God flowing and bringing renewal to every corner of creation (Ezk 47:1-12).

We are to be a part of that river of God (Jesus said it will flow out of us! – Jn 7:38) flowing into every corner of the Golden Grove community, touching parched and barren lives, healing, watering, replenishing with love, life, purpose, and hope.

Grace and lifeJonathan.