Well, it’s not rocket science!… Jesus said that if we want to be really alive as God’s children and therefore as human beings, we need to take water from Him that will well up in us with eternal life (Jn 4:1-30). This comes to us through hearing and believing and following ‘every word that proceeds from the mouth of God’ (Mt 4:4); God’s truth, through all the words and teaching of the Bible.

Are we as spiritually alive to God and His good purpose in our world and our lives as we should be? Well, He’s given us all our own fountain of eternal life to draw from constantly; in fact, we’ve probably got several of them sitting around our houses – i.e. our Bibles. Through them “God speaks to us face-to-face” (John Calvin). And when God speaks to us, it has a real and significant effect in our lives and world (Is 55:10,11).

We all need to regularly read, study, hear, discuss and pray about the words and teaching of the Bible. If you don’t have one, get yourself a daily Bible reading guide – e.g., Every Day with Jesus, Daily Bread, or equivalent, from a Christian Bookshop, or buy one online. Or there are daily reading plans that you can subscribe to online. Maybe also get a good study Bible so that you can find out more. And if you’re not in a group with other Christians who study and discuss the Bible, it’s a good idea to get into one.

But, whatever you do, just get into the Bible in whatever way you can! If we don’t, we will spiritually thirst and shrivel up, and could eventually die.

We don’t want that! And we don’t need that! God has given a well of eternal life to every one of us. And so we mustn’t accept spiritual lifelessness and death!… And we must pray, and get into our Bibles, expecting that God will speak to us face-to-face, enable us to hear and believe, and transform our lives, make them flourish, and give us life that is the best that it can be!

Grace and cheers, Jonathan.