Jesus spoke of when we hear of “wars and rumours of wars” (Mt 24:6). We’ve certainly got both going on in the world at the moment. 

Such events are signs that we need to take notice of. But contrary to popular opinion, they are not signs that the end of history is about to come. Jesus warns us against trying to work out the timetable for these events (vv4,5), and He specifically says that world upheavals are signs that “the end is not yet”, but “just the beginning” (v8)

Very importantly, Jesus says that these events are “birth pangs” (v8) – i.e., something is being born. Through and from the destruction of war, God’s Messiah, Jesus Christ will “birth” a new world and community, cleansed and redeemed from evil, healed and restored from brokenness, enriched and ultimately perfected (Ro 8:18-30; 1Cor 15; Rev 21). That’s why we are able to “not be alarmed” (v6). 

Jesus will fully reveal and usher in this new order at the end of history, but He is also building it now through the faith and work of His people, by the power of the Holy Spirit. With faith and hope in Christ we are to work for peace and restoration.

When we trust our lives into Jesus’ hands, and live in a continual, close friendship with Him, His saving, blessing grace becomes existentially real in our lives, practically enables us to overcome fears, and to live positively with new purpose.

Grace and cheers, Jonathan.