Will SA continue to remain largely free of a major surge in COVID-19 infection, or, at some point, succumb, similar to the experience of the Eastern states? Things are feeling a little poised on a knife-edge at the moment. The truth is, we cannot know; it could go either way.

Whichever way things do go, the Bible tells us that it will serve God’s good purpose for our lives. Paul says, “we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him, who are called according to His purpose” (Ro 8:28). Yet, how can God work together for good in all the bad things (even in a pandemic)?

The Bible doesn’t explain this to us, we usually only see the truth of it after the event. Yet obviously God knows much more and better than us how all of our experiences will work for our good.

However, we do know that in the death of Jesus Christ, God took the worst of evil circumstances and suffering, and made them bring about the greatest good – i.e., Jesus’ victory over sin, evil and death forever, so that by faith and repentance, we too can share in that same victory!

All of our experiences – particularly the bad ones – throw us back upon Christ in faith, more and more, so that we are held more and more securely in the power of His victory. Evil events cannot separate us from Christ’s victory for us, but only lead us further and further into it!

Grace and peace, Jonathan.