Australia is facing a housing crisis at the moment. This is very real and making life hard for many, and probably for some of us. We would assume that God wouldn’t have this trouble – after all, He has heaven with “streets of gold”. 

Yet, shockingly, the Son of God, Jesus Christ, left that perfect place and entered into our human housing crisis – He had to be shunted into an animal’s stable as a baby. Then during His life, He didn’t dwell in any golden halls, but chose a humble carpenter’s shop, or the hospitality of others (couch surfing!).

What this tells us is that the house God most wants to live in is the one that you and I live in – whether it’s a shack or a tent, or the latest one featured on Grand Designs. God wants to be with us, and to have the closest possible friendship with us. That’s why Jesus came to save us from everything that separates us from God.

We don’t see Jesus now physically as they did when He walked on the earth. But He is just as much present – at home – with us now by the power of the Holy Spirit, and by faith we can know Him in a real and personal way. He has the best possible plan for each of our lives. Get to know Him and let Him show it to you.

Grace & cheers, Jonathan.