There are two things about our glorious future that the Gospel assures us is coming.

First, we are going to enjoy God forever?. None of us, even the strongest Christians today, has ever experienced what that joy is ? perfect, cosmic, infinite, endlessly growing ? because all of us worship and adore other things. But then we will be freed from sin, and we will know and experience that glory and joy. We will enjoy Him forever.

Second, we will enjoy him forever in the new city, in the New Jerusalem, in the new heavens and new earth. We will experience this cosmic joy not in a purely immaterial condition. But, rather, we will be in a restored material creation. We will have resurrection bodies like Jesus? body – physical bodies?. No other religion envisions that. We will not float around as disembodied spirits, but we will dance. We will march. We will hug. We will be embraced. We will eat, and we will drink in the kingdom of God. It means all our deepest longings will be fulfilled. All of our deepest sorrows will be swallowed up.

What could be better than that? And that?s what we?re in for. Nothing less!

Timothy Keller