Do you notice that whenever a politician is asked a question, the most crucial piece of information they assure us of is that they most definitely are not responsible!? It is always the opposition who are responsible, either because of what they?ve done, or failed to do, while in power. And they all do this ?to a T? ? from Prime Minister down to the lowliest back-bencher.

The sobering thought is, our government is a representative democracy. When we look at the politicians, we are looking into a kind of mirror ? we cannot avoid seeing in them a certain representation of ourselves!

Canadian psychologist, Jordan Peterson, appeared on this week?s ABC Q&A programme, with his message that it is essential for every human being to take responsibility ? for themselves, their attitudes and behaviour, and for their neighbour and the world, seeking to do the best they can to contribute positively to them.

This is not a popular message, in a society (like ours) that essentially avoids all personal responsibility, and blames others (usually one particular ?type? of group, or another ? i.e., the Liberal party, the Labor party, social ?progressives?, conservatives, Christians, Muslims, men, or feminists, etc. etc.).

God says to all, ?you are responsible? (2 Cor 5:10). But this is a part of His Word of salvation to humanity. Firstly this ?nails? us for our myriad forms of selfishness and failure. Then, as we acknowledge this and take responsibility, God declares a merciful and full forgiveness through the cross of His Son, Jesus Christ, which justifies us, and gives us a new life that we may live, for God, for our neighbour and the world, assuming our true responsibility toward them.

Responsibility is a gift of grace.
Grace and cheers, Jonathan