In our society today the big question we are posed is “who are you?” That is, we are pressed to “make a statement, project an image, tell or show us what is important about you”. This is what everybody spends a huge amount of their time trying to do on social media, much to their emotional and psychological stress and pain.

In the Bible the big question is not “who”, but “Whose are you?” What gives us real identity, value and purpose isn’t what we can declare and make of ourselves, but rather Who we belong to, and what they declare and make of us. Through the good news of Jesus Christ, God the Father declares that He has made us His dear children, and therefore to share in an eternal inheritance (Eph 1:11-14).

In this truth there is absolute contentment to be who we are, freedom from all stress and pain of trying to be someone we are not, and the hope to be able to enjoy life to the full in God’s good creation. It also means that we are able to share that good news with all our neighbours, free them from strain and stress, and help them to have all hope and enjoyment in life too.

Remember whose you are – you belong to God, a good, good Father. You are loved by Him. Bask in that. This is a fountain of thriving, flourishing grace, love, relationships, community and unfading joy. Spread it around Golden Grove, up your streets, in your neighbours’ lives and houses. One day it’s going to fill the earth.

Grace upon grace, Jonathan.