How would life be different if we knew that we could get out of the grave?

Think of that…. that following our present life and death, that we could be raised to life again, with our recognisable body, yet transformed with strength and made glorious beyond our dreams, never to sicken or die, but to live forever; that we will share that life with those we love, God our Father and all of His people, in the best possible community; and in a physical world – the same creation we love so much now, yet healed, made eternal, and gloriously enriched by heaven itself – creation “heavenised”!

That is what the Bible and Christian truth tell us that we are in for!

If God is leading us, humanity and the world to that goal, that has to fill our lives, relationships and work with the greatest meaning and purpose. That has to enable us to face and go through every hardship, suffering and loss with a hope and joy that can never be destroyed. That has to prompt us to work for a positive future for all of our neighbours and the world. That has to give us the assurance of full and eternal forgiveness, since Christ died and was raised to completely justify us by grace. That indeed has to enable us to face the deaths of others, and our own deaths, with the greatest hope!

The Word of God declares the truth of the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead to eternal life, and the same kind of resurrection for all who believe in Him (just one example – (1Corinthians, chapter 15). Hear that truth and believe it with all of your life!

Blessed Easter, Jonathan