Are you old enough to remember Madge the beautician, and the Palmolive dishwashing detergent Ad? She matter-of-factly places her customer’s fingers into a bowl of mystery green liquid, and begins spruiking the virtues of Palmolive – “it’s mild on your hands while you do dishes”. Then announces to her customer’s shock, “You’re soaking in it”.

The Christian doctrine of the Holy Trinity can maybe seem difficult to grasp. People can even tie themselves in mental knots over it and try to avoid it like the plague! But I’m here to tell you that the life and love of God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit are the closest thing to you, and in fact, “you’re soaking in it”!

The love of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit for one another is the most powerful bond in the universe – like the most perfect family we could imagine, accepting, embracing and delighting in each other. Through the saving grace of the Son, Jesus Christ, we have been taken hold of, reconciled to them, and included in their relationship of love (Ro 5:1-5). So, Peter says, “we participate in the divine nature”! (2Pt 1:4).

This means that in our everyday Christian lives, relationships, work and play, the Trinity are sharing their lives, relationships, work and play (“the joy of the Lord”) with us, and we are sharing it with all of those around us! The only problem may be that we are not aware of it, may be resisting it, and so, not be truly enjoying it. If so, we need to believe, repent, and receive the gift of their life and love. 

Grace – you’re soaking in it, Jonathan.