Sometimes being a Christian is a bit weird! On the Day of Pentecost, God poured out the Holy Spirit upon all believers in a new, and powerful way (Acts 2:1-21). Miraculous signs were seen, with many speaking God’s Word in languages they’d never learned, so that foreign visitors could understand them. The believers were so […]

He Carries Us All the Way

This is the week we celebrate the Ascension of Jesus into heaven. This Is not some abstract thought. It means that Jesus is physically in heaven at the Father’s right hand advocating on our behalf. He is praying for us right now. Hebrews 7.25 tells us ‘He is able to save to the uttermost those […]

There’s No One Like Mum!

There was no other way for us to have life, and all the wonder of it, than to be born into it by our mothers. Only our mothers had what was required to make this happen. Consequently, we are all eternally grateful to them, and love them very much. Happy Mother’s Day to all mums out […]

May the King Live Forever!

At the coronation of King Charles, the public were exhorted to cry out, “May the king live forever!” Someone suggested that Charles may end up being disappointed in this, since history has not given any precedents of kings or queens living forever! That, however, is not what the phrase means. There is One King over […]


‘Coo-ee’, described as a prolonged, shrill, clear call or cry, was used as a signal by our indigenous people from the Dharuo language and adopted by early settlers. Who has not yelled ‘coo-ee’ to produce a clear echo in the bush?  In 1915, during World War One, when Australian soldiers were fighting in Gallipoli and […]

The Source of All Evil

The Times of London once invited readers to write into the newspaper on the theme, “What’s Wrong with the World?”. A brave invitation to a general population of human beings! Amongst the many contributors was one from Christian novelist, G.K. Chesterton. In answer to the question his letter read, “Dear Sir, I am!”. Basically, we are responsible […]

Soar We Now

At the end of three years of pandemic, a whole year of war in Ukraine, a cavalcade of horrific natural disasters, and increasingly difficult economic conditions, (not to mention our own particular trials) it would not be surprising at all if we found ourselves on a bit of a “downer” this Easter.  Yet, in light […]


We can be committed to the cause that faithfully serves God and upholds His truth, yet false forces that undermine Him can seem to win out and defeat us. This is understandably painful and demoralising. Yet we should neither be overly surprised, nor despair. The One we follow as Lord was the greatest seeming loser […]

Death is Horrible

There’s a heresy that says that death is just an ordinary, natural part of life, and that we can learn to accept it and feel OK about It. This is usually the main message spoken at funeral homes – i.e., that we shouldn’t think of the person as dead but rather as still with us, […]


The language of awakening has a great place within the traditions that formed the Uniting Church. It has been used to describe times of significant revival in the spiritual life and mission of the Church. Awakening is also about individual believers becoming fully aware of the truth and power of Jesus Christ and being transformed by it. […]